Living Forests: References & Resources

Forest Management

Climate Change and the Relevance of Historical Forest Conditions

More Water and Healthy Forests? Improved Forest Management By Integrating LiDAR RemoteSensing and Hyper-Resolution Models

Another Response to Global Warming

Tahoe Headwaters Implementation Plan

Utilizing California Tree Mortality

Low Impact Logging

New Technologies

Aerial cable-haul logging eyed for steep slopes in Summit

Forest Economics

California Assessment of Wood Business Innovation Opportunities and Markets Phase II

Challenges and Opportunities for the Northeastern Forest Bioindustry

Developing a Sustainable Forest BiomassIndustry: Case of the US Northeast

Developing the Economy by Restoring the Feather River

Map of Wood Product and Biomass Energy Facilities

Forest Cluster Research Strategy

High Level Feasibility Model- National Forest Foundation

Why Sierra Fuel Treatments Make Economic Sense

The Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI)- Lessons Learned

Mass Timber

Gravity Framing Development of Concrete Jointed Timber Frame System

Taller Wood Buildings and Fire Safety

World's Tallest Wood Building Completed: 18 Stories

Big Box Retail: Wood Saves Nearly $1 Million

Life Cycle Performance of Renewable Building Materials in the Context of Residential Construction

The Future of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Codes

Luxury Wood-Frame Apartment Community Completes Dense, Mixed-Use Urban Development

Putting the Pieces Together

Energy Code Compliance in Wood-Frame Buildings

Wood as a Restorative Material in Healthcare Environments

Timber Tower Research Project

Mass Timber High-Rise Design Research: Museum Tower in Los Angeles Reimagined in Mass Timber

The Case for Tall Wood Buildings

Michael Green completes largest mass-timber building in United States

Fire Resources

Do insect outbreaks reduce the severity of subsequent forest fires?

Changes in forest structure, fuels and potential fire behavior since 1873 in the Lake Tahoe Basin, USA

Do California’s beetle-killed trees constitute an emergency?

Bending the carbon curve: fire management for carbon resilience under climate change

Management of mixed-severity fire regime forests in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California

Reform Forest Fire Management

Using Fire to Increase the Scale, Benefits, and Future Maintenance of Fuels Treatments

Western Wildfire: A Fiery Future

Wildfire management vs. fire suppression benefits forest and watershed


Sustainable Biomass-to-Energy Systems for the Forest and Food Waste Sectors

Roving mobile processing plants to produce biofuels

Biofuel from logging scraps powers Alaska Airlines jet on cross-country flight

California Legal Policy 

Biomass Plants- Letter to the Governor

Public resources: greenhouse emissions and biomass- Senate Bill

Tree Mortality State of Emergency- Governor Brown

Water Issues

Improving the Federal Response to Western Drought